One Page, One Month June 2016 - Reveal

As part of a returning event, members are encouraged to make a one page shrine every year!
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One Page, One Month June 2016 - Reveal

Post by Emma »

Here are the results from the One Page, One Month marathon for June 2016! Please take the time to visit these lovely sites! :music:

Now that they've been revealed, members are more than welcome to plug their sites as usual on the forum for more individual feedback.

Also, if you've finished a site for this marathon that isn't listed, please send it to me so I can update the post. Late submissions are also welcome! I hope everyone had fun working on their one pagers, and thank you all for taking part! :heart:

Pro-bender: Mako (Avatar: The Legend of Korra) by Jae.

More than meets the eye: Kise Ryouta (Kuroko no Basket) by Delphine.

Gold Standard: Carl (Meet the Robinsons) by Sarah.
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Re: One Page, One Month June 2016 - Reveal

Post by Lethe »

Congratulations on finishing, everyone! And wow, those are nice ways to present content on one page! <3 I'm amused all three buttons are orange/yellow.
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Re: One Page, One Month June 2016 - Reveal

Post by high seraph »

Congratulations, everyone!!! I really love all of your submissions :content:

I'm also very sorry I couldn't finish my site in time...
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Re: One Page, One Month June 2016 - Reveal

Post by Jae »

Haha, it's true! June was apparently orange/yellow month. Congratulations to Delphine and Sarah. :heh:

I enjoyed reading More than meets the eye and Gold Standard. Kise's strong stats are wild! And I would like smaller mes to help serve dinner as well . . . What I like most about this turnout is that, despite the cozy numbers, there's still a variety of mediums being represented. This was a fun marathon!
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Re: One Page, One Month June 2016 - Reveal

Post by Todd »

Congratulations, you three! Delphine, your layout is gorgeous. I love the colors.

Jae, your set up might actually be one of my favorites I've seen on a one pager. Love the double columns. It feels like a magazine page, which I think was your intention. It looks great!

Sarah, I always look forward to your Disney/Pixar one pagers!

I am on vacation so I just gave these a quick glance, but I can't wait to read them when I return!
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Re: One Page, One Month June 2016 - Reveal

Post by Robin »

Awesome work, y'all! I love Delphine's layout and content flow, Jae's clean organization with lots of character details, and Sarah's lovely minor-character focus. :D
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Re: One Page, One Month June 2016 - Reveal

Post by Megan A »

All of the new sites look fantastic! Congratulations on finishing your shrines, you three! I just finished reading them all, and I enjoyed every single one!

Jae: I really love your unique layout and theme for this one pager! It really adds a special touch to the site. I love that you really go with it too and write your articles in a similar fashion like so: In the end, Mako apologized and the two made up, though it's unlikely that they'll be resuming their romance anytime soon. Such a cute and personal touch! It was a really enjoyable read and I really liked the focus on his relationships and shortcomings. It's a great little shrine, and I found it super easy to read and follow along (as someone who hasn't watched Korra).

Delphine: More than meets the eye is fantastic as I've told you on Twitter before, but I'll rehash what I think here. Visuals are great, and the layout is fantastic. I love that each section has its own little box and I love all of the images. They are really well-placed and really strengthen your content. I *love* the personality growth section. I found it to be really interesting and soooo well written (the whole thing is but that section really stands out to me). I also adore the relationship section. I love your shrine, and now I really wanna check out this series once I find a break in my list! (also adore the greater than symbol in your buttons)

Sarah: I love your layout and the color scheme. It's really nice and super easy on the eyes. I love the early sections that introduce the subjects because I don't know much about it, but it is really easy to follow and understand. I really enjoyed section where you compare him to another robot, Doris. ALSO, the "As a Non-human Robinson) section is SO CUTE. I love where you highlight that he's not a weird member of the family because everyone is weird, and I love the mention of all the other non-human family members too. It's so cute, and I really want to check out this movie now! I can tell you really enjoy the character based on your knowledge and written content, and it's a fantastic shrine.
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Re: One Page, One Month June 2016 - Reveal

Post by Destinie »

Congrats everyone who finished! I am going to read the shrines and then come back with some feedback~ ♥