Waterbound (Nanase Haruka) & Easy Breezy (Tachibana Makoto)

From November 2015 to August 2016, create a shrine or shrines to celebrate a dynamic duo! Lovers, enemies, brothers, sisters, parents, and close friends contribute to a character's being. Explore the fandom and the relationship from another side.
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Waterbound (Nanase Haruka) & Easy Breezy (Tachibana Makoto)

Post by Andrea »

Aside from the sobbing/ranting on Twitter, late night instant noodles and lack of sleep, there's not much else for me to really say other than: WE DID IT.
Image Image
On my part, there's still some important pages that are not ready yet, but hopefully I will release them later today! I believe the requirements are fulfilled on both shrines, though, so I didn't want to run the risk of submitting our sites too late and missing the deadline completely. Many thanks to all the cool people here for their enthusiasm and support! I hope you enjoy the shrines and look forward to any future additions. YOU'RE ALL AWESOME. :heart: :star: :star: :star:
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Re: Waterbound (Nanase Haruka) & Easy Breezy (Tachibana Mako

Post by Lethe »

Not to mention all the panic-yelling the last two days!

I'm usually a very rigid person who doesn't make plans spontaneously and impulsively - especially if they're linked to someone else, since I like going at my own pace and not being pressured. I hadn't even intended to participate in Dynamic Duos at first, but when I saw Andrea's new domain and the shiny projects page with Makoto, I couldn't resist! "That's my dream partner and wow, dream subject!!!" /has it reaaaaaally bad for makoto (/has it really bad for anything andrea creates too)

I surprised myself when I pitched the idea to her out of the blue, and I'm even more surprised that she agreed since it was so sudden!! But I'm so glad I did - this was so fun to participate in, and the thought of Andrea working on a partner project definitely motivated me along the way. Thank you again, Andrea, for participating with me! :heart:

And in general, I received so much support from so many people around Amassment in creating this - I feel very loved. Thank you all very much!! :heart: :heart: :star:

I hope my shrine is enjoyable to read, even though it's far from complete yet. <3

Shoutout to Robin's Gifted, the inspiration behind making my subject a shrine rather than something else!

Now excuse me while I go screaming about Andrea's shrine!!
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Re: Waterbound (Nanase Haruka) & Easy Breezy (Tachibana Mako

Post by Laura »

Wow!! Lethe, your site is amazing. I really, really love how you have put so much effort into analyzing the personality traits of Haru like this. It's a very fascinating read! I really like how you present Haru's habits, talk about related aspects of the autism spectrum, and then go back to saying how Haru's actions apply. It's really well presented. <3 I love the screencaps with the comments. This is a really unique and lovely way of not only presenting "evidence" that supports your arguments, but making use of lightbox as well.

Andrea, I loved your site just as much! Particularly, I found it really interesting that Makoto is afraid of water (or the ocean for the anime). I nearly drowned as a child and your vision section really spoke to me, as the image of what Makoto sees under the water is something I remember all too well, even 25+ years later. I love the analysis and the presentation of quotes and images to go along with it.

I normally have very little interest in sports anime/manga, but reading through both of your sites has compelled me to check out Free! sometime. Even though I've never seen the series, I could easily understand what was being discussed. I was really interested to keep reading! You both are a credit to the series. <3 I can't wait until both of you add the unfinished sections of the site, so I have something to look forward to reading. :)
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Re: Waterbound (Nanase Haruka) & Easy Breezy (Tachibana Mako

Post by Kate »

ANDREA, LETHE. LETHE, ANDREA. These two shrines are perfect in every way, from the design to the information covered to just everything.

Andrea, the colors of your shrine make the feel of the shrine flow so beautiful. I loved loved loved reading your shrine. Especially because I just never gave him much attention, I didn't dislike him I think I just missed the connection with him... However your shrine really taught me a lot about him and made me want to rewatch Free and better understand him. ;;; SO you can trust me when I say I am more than excited to read the rest of your shrine. Whenever possible! I am so impressed with how the shrine is right now fjdksla; The bright colors, the light feeling I get when I read your shrine, it's all so wonderful Andrea. Your work just keeps getting better and better. ;W;

Lethe, your shrine is just as beautiful as I thought it would be from that TINY THUMBNAIL YOU SENT ME. hahaha! I love the information you covered, it is my absolute FAVORITE to see real world 'things' be brought in to a fictional character's shrine. I loved that you analyzed his character so deeply; I appreciate it so much. Plus the layout and the blues, everything just flows so well and it gives the whole shrine such a cool feeling. Not like AY THAT'S COOL, like a cool /breezy/ feeling.. word p-pun from andrea's shrine.. ;;;; ANYWAYS I REALLY LOVED READING YOUR SHRINE. I adore Haru, and I really can't tell you enough how much I respect your amazing effort of writing about Haru and explaining his character so in-depth. It was an awesome read. Thank you for writing so respectfully too, it's hard for me to explain but I just really respect what you did.

ALL IN ALL, I love BOTH of these shrines so much. I really pushed myself to make a reply for you two because you're my good friends and deserve LOVE AND PRAISE FOREVER. Please never stop making beautiful things for us to read and stare at. <3
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Re: Waterbound (Nanase Haruka) & Easy Breezy (Tachibana Mako

Post by Robin »


Lethe, omg, that layout /dies eternally from layout envy
and I almost can't believe my site was an inspiration because you went soooo far beyond <3

Andrea, omg, I know not everything is in place yet but you've got a LOT of beautiful articles already up, and have wet our proverbial whistles for the content to come! That commentary section! WOWWW
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Re: Waterbound (Nanase Haruka) & Easy Breezy (Tachibana Mako

Post by Mikari »

Both sites are well made and detailed, lovely layouts too! So many pages, so many different aspects of the characters, you both really worked hard on this. Congratulations on the reveal and I look forward to see more updates for the upcoming pages!

Lethe: I love the merman layout, so majestic! The circular images and mouse over effect contribute to the overall peaceful, watery feel of the design. The content was very informative and it shows that you put a lot of thought into it.

Andrea: The layout is very calming and light, which totally fits the title and character. I like how you included gifs and quotes alongside the information and analysis, which help build the context, I know that takes some extra time to get it all done and organized, but it's nice to see the end result.
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Re: Waterbound (Nanase Haruka) & Easy Breezy (Tachibana Mako

Post by Lethe »

Thank you for the lovely comments and the enthusiasm, everyone!! :heart: :music2:

@Laura: I'm glad it was an enjoyable read and that you like the way I structured the pages; it seems like it was easy to follow for you, so that's good to know. :heart: And also that you enjoyed all the screencaps!

If sports anime/manga aren't a genre you enjoy, you might still be able to enjoy Free! since it's significantly less sports-focused. :> "You both are a credit to the series. <3" Goooosh you. ;_; <3 Thanks so much!

@Kate: KATE! Thank you so much for leaving us such a lovely comment, you're adorable and the best and I appreciate you a lot!! <3 <3 (And I love it whenever you post on the forums okay, I'll tell you that as many times as it takes!) The words you have for my shrine really touch me - I'm glad that my respect for the subject matter came across in my writing. <3

"Not like AY THAT'S COOL, like a cool /breezy/ feeling.. word p-pun from andrea's shrine.. ;;;;" THIS IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING EVER.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words while I was working on the shrine too. I was worried it might disappoint in case it wasn't what others expected, since it's not just about Free!, but comments such as yours show me that people appreciate the shrine just as much for what it is! :heart: <(^_^<)

@Robin: LMAO Robin I'm so happy to have such a gorgeous layout......... It wouldn't have been possible without all the amazing people around Amassment. /sobs. WE ALL SHOULD BOTHER EACH OTHER MORE... =x Your site is so greaaaaaaaaaaaat. The fact that you made a site for it in the first place is what's so greaaaaaaaat. :heart:

@Mikari: Thank you, Mikari! :D ehehehe merman Haru. :music: I've been asked about the mouse over effect of the subnavigation AND OMG IT WAS AN ACCIDENT WHILE I WAS CODING, I wasn't doing it intentionally and didn't even know it was possible lmao. (Later on: "dubiousdisc help this goes against everything I know about backgrounds, is this even legit") I decided to keep it because it's perfect. :Db :star:
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Re: Waterbound (Nanase Haruka) & Easy Breezy (Tachibana Mako

Post by Megan A »

I love both of these shrines so much, and I'm so glad that I'm able to read them now!!! Anticipation for these two shrines is the reason why I got into the series.

Lethe: First of all, the visuals are amazing for this shrine. I love the layout, I love the hovers, I love the image borders and hovers, and the dark + blue colors. This is honestly one of my favorite designs of yours! There's just so many little details, and they all combine to make this really amazing site. I know you put in a lot of effort into the design, and I can definitely tell just by looking at the layout.

I really like the format that you presented the information in for traits. First, separating all the sections by trait is really nice, and the traits page looks nice by itself. By describing Haru's specific characteristics, the traits you're relating those characteristics to, and the following it up with the "Autistic Haru" section was a really organized and great way to write these sections.

Also the GALLERIES. They are so colorful and beautiful but also work wonderfully within the context you've presented them. I can't wait to see the future writings you have planned. Growth looks like it'll be super interesting, and I can maybe catch up before you finish that section!

Everything is really detailed, organized, and just amazing overall. I really enjoyed reading this shrine, and this is one of my favorite things you've probably written (I will most likely say this on your next shrine plug too).


I love the design (did you two do contrasing designs / dark -> light on purpose? because I love it), and the little details too. The gallery borders, the hovers, just ahhh <3

The introduction section is lovely, but omgggg the depth section. THE GIFS ARE SUCH A COOL AND UNIQUE TOUCH (and also don't we all want to see Makoto in action???). I love the analysis on his swimming style in reference to his fear of the water. The other sections are really well written and detailed too (I love the family section and how you relate this to his friendship with Haru). I like the placement of your images throughout the text + the borders (also they are changing colors!!!! such a cool little effect).

I can't wait to see the rest of the content on your shrine too. They're both so wonderful.

<3 <3
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Re: Waterbound (Nanase Haruka) & Easy Breezy (Tachibana Mako

Post by Anise »

Okay, so I adore both of these a lot. They're wonderful!

Andrea: I love the color scheme of your layout. It's very wonderful. Your navigation is great and slightly pun-ny which is something I always enjoy. I feel like you already have a lot of great sections and as a former swimmer I think I enjoyed your backstroke section and how it fits him.

Lethe: I love the layout, especially the way the navigation flows in the water. Also the page to page navigation with the two columns and the images looks really cool. I think what I enjoy most though it reading your shrine especially the parts that relate to the autistic spectrum because the information provided is fantastic.
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Re: Waterbound (Nanase Haruka) & Easy Breezy (Tachibana Mako

Post by Megan »

UGH HOLY MOLY. You guys put in a lot of work, and there are still more pages to come! I am always impressed by both of your individual works, and writing styles, so seeing you guys sign up together was exciting! I am not familiar with the series, but like Laura has said, it has sparked my interest to get into the series (seeing as how I am always looking for new things to start!)

ALSO I smiled at myself seeing the "Easy Breezy" button in yellow bc it made me think of "lemon squeezy" xD I KNOW THATS WEIRD BUT IDK HAD TO SHARE IT!

I really like Waterbound's layout! I think that it really makes me feel like I am looking in at an underwater scene!

I like that you both included different types of "basic information" type pages to let people who aren't as familiar, become familiar!

Anyways! Great job to both of you! :D
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