About Fictional Worlds

From February to the end of June 2017, invite others to fictional worlds you've experienced by putting the subject you're shrining into the context of said world!
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About Fictional Worlds

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Sometimes in consuming media, you fall in love with the very world that a series is set in. Fictional settings such as Oz, Middle-Earth, Hyrule and Narnia draw us in with their mythology and culture... and that attention to worldbuilding is what we're honoring in our first challenge of 2017.

For this event, we'll be challenging ourselves to make our usual - or slightly different? - shrines in which the subject we choose is contextualized (something you may already be doing!): The fictional world that a subject is set in is explored in some capacity, to make the world around the character, relationship or series come alive so as to invite others in.

There's a wide range of options to approach this, from making a character shrine in which worldbuilding elements are discussed, to making a shrine to the world itself! The amount of space and words you dedicate to exploring that world is up to you, as is where and how you choose to embed that information. For this Challenge, you can also participate by revamping or adding applicable content to an existing shrine of yours!

To get a better idea of what this Challenge is aiming for, we heavily recommend checking out the link list below.

What Counts as a Fictional World?
In general, a fictional world is a world that is different from "regular Earth" in at least one major way--the author of the work has built their fictional setting with differences in:
  • Native flora & fauna
  • Languages
  • Laws, customs, & social mores
  • Social class systems
  • Religions
  • Races/ethnicities
  • Common stories & culture
  • Geography
  • Topography
  • Alternate timelines/historical events
  • Currency system & trade arrangements
  • Biology & physiology
  • Magic
Example Sites
Below are several sites that count as "fictional world" sites, for inspiration:

Characters General Series Miscellaneous If you have any questions about whether your desired subject fits, we have a brainstorming topic to help you!

We hope this will be an inspiring challenge!

Can I make a site that counts for both this event and a Member Marathon?
Certainly! (Note: If you're working on a shrine for Mass Shrine Effect: Shrinedromeda that could also work for Fictional Worlds, please plug your site in the Mass Effect board and notify us! We will create a shadow topic in the Fictional Worlds event subforum.)

Can I use the Construction Zone forum to get feedback while I build a shrine for this event?
Sure! Just post all your in-progress work in the CZ forum, and once you feel your site is "finished" enough for the Fictional Worlds event, notify us and we'll create a shadow topic.

Can I sign up with a secret subject?
Definitely! Just PM Robin or Emma with your subject and note that you would like it to remain secret. We will note that you're participating on the signup thread, but will not divulge your topic.

Sign Up
Sign up by clicking here!

Submitting Your Shrine
Once you've finished your shrine, make a new topic for it in this subforum, including a 200x40 button. (If you make multiple shrines for this event, make a separate topic for each one.)

Challenge Info
Activity Period: February 1st, 2017 - June 30th, 2017
Staffers: Robin & Emma
Sign-up post: here!
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