December 2015

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December 2015

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Hello! This is the monthly recap for December 2015 - the last of the year! Let's see what's new!

Events and Marathons
The Dynamic Duos 6-month challenge is ongoing!

New/Plugged/Revamped Shrines
Shrines made for the Dynamic Duos Challenge are marked with [DD].

Something Good - Sound of Music, by Robin
Distant Heart - InuYasha and Higurashi Kagome from InuYasha, by Medli
Dornenkaefig - Friederike from Ludwig Revolution, by Lethe
Royal Protection - Edgar Roni Figaro and Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI, by Medli [DD]

2015/16 Shrine Goals
Using "I" when writing content

Thank you, and happy new year!
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Re: December 2015

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Thank you, dubs!

Happy New Year, everyone~ :yay:
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Re: December 2015

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Thanks for the recap, dubs!
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