January 2016

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January 2016

Post by Lethe »

Hi! 2015 is over, and it looks like our community is starting out strong this year! :star:

New Team Lead
Hashtags for Current Events - Twitter hashtags have been assigned to specific events and activities around Amassment!
Forum Reorganisation - The Small Talk subforum has been dissolved, there is now an event subforum for all annual One Page, One Month event topics, and the Shrine Beta forum now accepts topics regarding upcoming shrines.
Fanlisting Discussions - There's a new forum for fanlistings!

Shrine Spotlight
The winner of January's Monthly Spotlight was Ripples by Todd!

Events and Marathons
The Dynamic Duos Challenge is still in its first half - if you haven't signed up yet, you still have until the end of June to create a shrine or two!

Onigiri Box is a Fruits Basket marathon hosted by Samantha - there's one month left to create a shrine!

The Herald Eight is an ongoing joint project hosted by Megan. If you've always wanted to shrine a Pokémon gym leader, now's your choince to join a webring!

New Shrines
Within the Heart - Wizardmon from Digimon, by Megan
Setting Sun - Dream Saga, by Lethe
Strike Like Lightning - Yuan from Tales of Symphonia, by Megan
Love You to the Moon - Bing Bong from Inside Out, by CuriousLittleBird
Into the Sky - Winona from Pokémon, by Megan

Note Taking - What's your approach to taking notes for a shrining project?
What have shrines taught you? - What have you learned while doing research for your shrines?

Flash News
The Magical Items Shop has new Miraculous Ladybug items in stock, namely the Kwamis and Chat Noir's ring!

I'm looking forward to a fruitful year with all of you! :heart:
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Re: January 2016

Post by Robin »

Danggggggggggggggggg we are tearin' it UP in 2016! 3 challenges and 5 sites already this year!
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Re: January 2016

Post by Sarah »

What a great start to the year!

Thanks for posting, Lethe :D
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