More Staff Changes

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More Staff Changes

Post by Todd »

Yo, ladies, Kiel, and Lucas!

We've have some major moves occur recently with our staff teams. I apologize for another post so soon; it's just a busy time!

Samantha, our Directory Team Lead, needed to step down from staffing for her new career. She is going to be working a lot more and wants to spend what free time she will get now working on her own sites, which is completely understandable. We are going to miss Samantha, but we are very happy for her and want the best for her. She will still be around Amassment as a member! She expressed to me that she wants to keep participating in events here, and making shrines, haha. I want to say a huge thanks to Samantha. She was the driving force behind the new directory system and organization.

Crystal, our Events Team Lead has decided to take Samantha's open position, and is now the new Directory Team Lead. Crystal runs the popular video game and animanga directory, Emotion, and runs the Nintendo directory, Legendary. She has a lot of experience with directories. This feels like a natural move for her. We all are excited for what she is going to bring to the Directory Team! I know she'll continue the hard work Samantha started.

We have one more big announcement concerning another one of our Team Leads. Lethe, who has been our Forum Team Lead since January has accepted a position on the Admin Team! She will work with Masao, Destinie, Sofia, and myself on community cohesion and direction. As anyone who has interacted with Lethe at all can attest, Lethe is amazing. She's super dedicated to the community, she's driven, she loves shrines and all of our members, she is naturally curious about what members want from the community, she has a lot of great ideas, she's super organized... I can go on and on. Lethe has been a regular member at the community, a staffer for the Directory Team, and a Team Lead for Forum Team. She's contributed feedback and ideas to the Events Team, and has been offering support to the Communications Team. She is super well-rounded and is bringing a lot of experience into her new position. We are very excited for Lethe in this new role; she's going to be great.

Lethe will continue leading the Forum Team, and will continue working with the Directory Team.

We have no news on the Events Team for now. Sofia and myself will be assisting the Events Team staffers, Megan, Emma, and Robin to keep events coming. We have a lot of great things planned for the near future, so keep your eyes peeled, everyone!

Oh, also, please ignore the outdated staff page for now. We've had a lot of changes recently, and I will get things fixed up as soon as possible. Thanks!

Okay. Todd out.
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Re: More Staff Changes

Post by Mikari »

Thanks for everything, Samantha, and congratulations to everyone on the new staff roles!
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Re: More Staff Changes

Post by Robin »

Hugs to all staff members, old and new!! Y'all are awesome :)
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