May 2016

Quickly get caught up to what has been happening in the community!
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May 2016

Post by dubiousdisc »

Hello to all! This is the Monthly Rewind for May 2016. Let's go!

Amassment Survey Results
Staff Changes
More Staff Changes
Community Chatroom Migration
Titles Are Awesome: Nominations
Shrining for Newbies is now up!
Directory: Change Shrine Category

Shrine Spotlight
The winner of May 2016's Shrine Spotlight is Jamais Plus, a shrine to the Petit Prince musical! Congratulations, Lethe!

Events and Marathons
The Dynamic Duos Challenge is reaching its end. There's one more month to wrap it up!
Meanwhile, the Construction Zone Challenge is ongoing until December, so this is a good time to come in and join!
AND, the One Page, One Month is now starting! The results will be posted on July 1st!

A shoutout to the new Bad Ass Bitches Bi-Monthly Challenge, run by Emrys: the prompt is I'm a boss ass bitch!

New/Revamped Shrines
Through The Ruin Grey - Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX, by Emma
Through Realms - Link from The Legend of Zelda (A Link to the Past incarnation), by Destinie

In-Progress Shrines
The following are shrines started for Construction Zone. - Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu!!, by Aku
Atomic Heart - Godzilla, by Destinie

Shrine-relevant discussions started for Construction Zone are marked with [CZ], and for Dynamic Duos with [DD].
Site Construction Struggles? [CZ]
What Kind of Pairings Do You Like? [DD]
When Shrine Essays Go Off-Topic (sorta)

Flash News
Marketplace updates: Mystery Eggs have been restocked, Master Balls have replaced Dittos, and the Pokémon guide has been updated accordingly;
The Connections topic has been restarted. Let's find each other elsewhere!

Bye all, and see you next month!
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Re: May 2016

Post by Lethe »

So many events. <O><O> Thank you for the overview, dubiousdisc! <3
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Re: May 2016

Post by Robin »

So much amazingness has been going on already this year, and the Construction Zone event promises to make this a super productive year! WOW <3
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