News Regarding Coins and the Marketplace

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News Regarding Coins and the Marketplace

Post by Todd »

Hi, guys.

I come, unfortunately, bringing some devastating news. Our coin system and Marketplace are about to be no more. I know this breaks everyone’s hearts, and we are so sorry. The coin system and marketplace have been a fun, unique part of Amassment since we opened the forums. Sadly, it all comes down to security and safety, so keeping it is not something we can entertain.

Our board is currently out of date, and we need to update it to stay protected from hackers, malware, and viruses. The new version of the board script we use does not have a mod for coins or a marketplace, and so these two things have to be sacrificed. We will be doing a slow move to the elimination of the coin system and marketplace, and will fully transfer to the new board script sometime early in 2017.

Please go ahead and spend any coins you have been sitting on, and enjoy your shelves and the marketplace while they last.

The first move toward this new system is the elimination of event and award-based coins. We will give everyone any coins they have earned for Shrine Spotlight or other activities for the month of October. Starting in November, however, posting will be the only way to earn coins.

Should the marketplace and coin mods appear in the updated board script in the future, we will discuss bringing these features back. We recommend taking a screencap of the items you own before the end of the year, so that when and if the marketplace returns, we will be able to give you back the items you have purchased.

Thanks, everyone.
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Re: News Regarding Coins and the Marketplace

Post by Robin »

Thank you, Todd! I definitely understand this decision :) The screencap idea is a great one even just for memory's sake :)
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