October 2016

Quickly get caught up to what has been happening in the community!
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October 2016

Post by Lethe »

I thought that it was a rather quiet month, as it seemed as though there wasn't that much activity in the past one or two weeks, and Shrine Discussions hasn't been as active compared to the month before. Turns out you were all busy with your shrines, I guess, because wow, look at all those new and revamped shrines!

Major Staff Changes - Please read this topic so you know which pages or topics to visit for information as to who to contact.
Staffing Application - The application form has been stickied and is now indefinitely open. We are currently especially in need of someone who'd like to help us expand Amassment via social media, namely Tumblr. Note that Todd, who is in charge of staffing, is currently busy, so there may be delays in getting back to you!
News Regarding Coins and the Marketplace - Coin distribution is, as of October, halted, and the Marketplace won't be around forever.
Amassment Survey Results 2016, Round Two - We've summarized our general direction and goals for the community in response to member input.

Shrine Spotlight
The winner of October's Monthly Spotlight is The Girl's Distracted, a shrine to Aikawa Akane from Mahou Tsukai Tai! Congratulations, Kiel!

Events and Marathons
Shrine Revamp 2016 has just concluded, and you can see the results here. Drop by the event subforum to see all the polished shrines, and maybe leave a short comment or two!

The Construction Zone Challenge is nearing its end - two months left. If you're not too busy yet, it's still not too late to start a project, especially since there's no rush or pressure to complete it!

The first round of Little Bits has ended, the next is starting soon, stay tuned!

Megan's Pokémon Gym Leader Marathon is entering its last third. How about a small shrine in anticipation of Pokémon Sun and Moon?

New/Revamped Shrines
Shrines made for Shrine Revamp 2016 are marked with [SR].

Adieu - Nagisa Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion, by Masao [SR]
Something Good - The Sound of Music, by Robin [SR]
Photosynthesis - Eve from WALL•E, by Sarah [SR]
Boundless - Balthier from Final Fantasy XII, by Stefi [SR]
Braveheart - Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening, by Crystal [SR]
Into the Black - Axel from Kingdom Hearts, by Megan [SR]
In Another Dream - Chikyuu wa Boku ga Mawasu, by Lethe
Emotionally Evocative - Adrien Brody, by Patricia [SR]
Majesty - Aikawa Ryou from Love Live, by Emrys

In-Progress Shrines
The following are shrines started for Construction Zone.

Aetherial - Y'shtola from Final Fantasy XIV, by Crystal
Pure Heart - Link, the Hero of Time from The Legend of Zelda, by Megan A
Mouth Machine Gun - Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII, by Angie

Shrine-relevant discussions started for Construction Zone are marked with [CZ].

How do the characters you shrine reflect you? - Time for some introspection!
Getting Your Shrine Groove Back - How do you get back into a shrining project? [CZ]

That's it! Some things are brewing on the horizon, so keep your eyes peeled... <O><O>
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Re: October 2016

Post by Masao »

aaaaah thanks for compiling all of this, Lethe!! so much activity :yay:
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Re: October 2016

Post by Robin »

LOL we were all hunkered down busily shrining away <3 look at us busy little Amassment bees <3
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Re: October 2016

Post by Crystal »

Ahhh such a productive month! :D
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Re: October 2016

Post by Lethe »

I've just had a look at last two month's Rewinds too... Wow, we've been really productive with shrines as a community lately! I'm so happy. ;_; Keep at it, everyone. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Let's create beautiful things together forever. <O><O>
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Re: October 2016

Post by Chibi »

Ahhhh, well done everybody for being so productive!! :star: It's autumn productivity~ :heart:
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