November 2016

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November 2016

Post by dubiousdisc »

Hello to all! This is the Monthly Rewind for the month of November 2016!

Shrine Spotlight
The winner of November 2016's Shrine Spotlight is And they shall fall, a shrine to Shadow of the Colossus! Congratulations, Andrea!

Events and Marathons
The Construction Zone Challenge will reach its conclusion at the end of December. Thank you to all who have participated in this time, and good luck on the last month of work on these sites!
November's Little Bits activity was Appreciation. Thank you to all who have participated!
The Secret Santa event is ongoing! Submissions for the first round are due on December 3rd!

New/Revamped Shrines
Inexhaustible Peace - Helen Burns from Jane Eyre, by Robin
Theorist - Ryugazaki Rei from Free!, by Fiona

Thank you, and see you next month!
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Re: November 2016

Post by Lethe »

Thank you, dubiousdisc! :D Looks like the end of the year will be quiet after the intense revamping! I'm a bit behind on discussions, I think (haven't had time to check out the latest and super interesting topic yet), but looking forward to Secret Santa!
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Re: November 2016

Post by Robin »

Woot! November seems a bit quiet on this post, but I know we've all been doing lots of work behind the scenes (like me with my rampant Google Fontsing all over my domain--I can't believe I managed to revamp 5 sites in a month!). I'm looking forward to December's bevy of sites coming in for Construction Zone too :)
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