Thank you, Lethe and Masao, and welcome new Admins!

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Thank you, Lethe and Masao, and welcome new Admins!

Post by Todd »

Hey, guys.

I just want to update everyone to some changes that happened behind the scenes. I'll try to keep this brief.

Admin Team members, Masao and Lethe, have both stepped down to focus on their personal lives and goals. You guys will still see them around in the future. They both signed up to make shrines for Fictional Worlds, after all. :) Sofia, Destinie, and I want to thank them for all of their hard work throughout the years.

Masao will continue to provide technical assistance to Amassment. While the domain is registered under me and I'll keep it going, she currently hosts the community and will continue to host it. She co-founded this community with me, and it's still important to her. Amassment would not be what it is today without her.

Before Masao and Lethe stepped down, Destinie had put in her resignation, as her life has gotten more demanding. She has offered to stay on for a while longer to help us through the transitional phase we're currently in, while Sofia and I train new Administrators. She will eventually step down as well into a different role we will post about later. For now though, she is still available to all of you like any other Administrator. If you have any needs or issues, please do not hesitate to contact her, myself, or any other member of the Admin Team.

Joining the Admin Team with Sofia, Destinie, and me are Forum Staffer Dubiousdisc, and previous Directory Team Lead, Samantha!

Dubiousdisc has been working with the Forum since we left Livejournal years ago. She has worked with Destinie, Sofia, and Lethe as they overlooked the Forum. She knows this forum better than anyone. I could go on and on about her, but in short, she is amazing. The Forum is what she will be overseeing as an Administrator, in Lethe's old role.

Samantha took a hiatus from staffing to focus on her career. Life and work has calmed down for her and she has been looking to return to staff, as shrines and Amassment are both important to her. We are so happy to have her back. When she lead the directory, she overlooked, planned, and executed changes to make the directory more accessible. She is hugely responsible for its current organization and ease of access. She will be overlooking the Directory she was previously over before.

Samantha and Dubiousdisc know their areas extremely well, and will be happy to assist you guys with any questions, issues, or needs you have in them, but also feel free to contact them about any other concern, idea, or issue you may have in the future, as they are Administrators of the whole community now. Just be patient with them while they settle into and learn their new roles. :) Again, Sofia, Destinie, and I are here for you as well.

There are some other changes: other staff changes, and some new initiatives and features we're all working on. We'll post more about those later.

Thanks once again, Lethe and Masao!

Thank you all! Please let us know if we can do anything for you. :)
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Re: Thank you, Lethe and Masao, and welcome new Admins!

Post by Robin »

Thank you for laying all this out, Todd. :)

And yay Dubs and Samantha--good to be working with y'all (again)! :D
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Re: Thank you, Lethe and Masao, and welcome new Admins!

Post by Stefi »

Thank you Lethe and Masao for all of your hard work and contributions you've made to help run this community! You will be missed :heart:

And a thank you to Samantha, Dubiousdisc and Destinie! We really appreciate you guys for stepping up to help us out. We're super glad to have you!
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Re: Thank you, Lethe and Masao, and welcome new Admins!

Post by Saya »

Thnx for the hard work o/
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Re: Thank you, Lethe and Masao, and welcome new Admins!

Post by Destinie »

Thanks again, Lethe and Masao. You're both wonderful and it was such a pleasure to work beside you. ♥ I understand when life becomes more demanding so best of luck in all your endeavors and I hope to continue to see you around here. :)
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Re: Thank you, Lethe and Masao, and welcome new Admins!

Post by dubiousdisc »

Once again thank you for everything, Lethe and Masao. You've been great in many ways and you're great people who deserve nothing but the best in your lives.

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