June 2017

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June 2017

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Hello to all! This is the Monthly Rewind for the month of June 2017!

Announcements and news Shrine Spotlight
  • The winner of June 2017's Shrine Spotlight is Something Good, a shrine dedicated to Sound of Music! Congratulations, Robin!
Events and Marathons Shrine Plugs
  • Winds of Change - Final Fantasy XII, by Larissa (revamped, part of the Fictional Words Challenge!)
  • Pathfinders - Al Bhed Tribe from Final Fantasy X/X-2, by Fiona (part of the Fictional Worlds Challenge!)
  • Tomorrow's Calling - the world of Animal Crossing, by Robin (part of the Fictional Worlds Challenge!)
New to the directory That's all for this month, and see you the next!
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Re: June 2017

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Thank you, dubs!
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