August 2016

Quickly get caught up to what has been happening in the community!
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August 2016

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Hi, everyone! The end of summer has brought a lot of activity with it, and the forums certainly seem very lively these days. :heart: Let's see what we've got!

Mentor Program - If you're a new or returning member and don't know where or how to set a foot into the community, perhaps you'd feel more comfortable with a mentor at your side! :heart:

Shrine Spotlight
The winner of August's Monthly Spotlight is Counterbalance, a shrine to Jessie & James from Pokémon! Congratulations, Robin!

Events and Marathons
The Dynamic Duos Challenge has concluded earlier on this month, and you can see the results here. Make sure to drop by the event subforum to check out all the lovely shrines - there's a lot of diversity there!

The Construction Zone Challenge is still on and won't end anytime soon - hop in and get started on those shrines!

Aaaand we've started a new activity - Shrine Revamp 2016! You have up to the end of October to polish some of your older shrines so that you can show them off (again)! :D Decide for yourself how much refining you want to do, sign up, share and motivate! There are other ways to get involved, and we encourage members to help each other with their revamps as needed. :music:

New/Revamped Shrines
Shrines made for Dynamic Duos are marked with [DD], shrines for Shrine Revamp 2016 with [SR].

Chasseresse - Nyreen Kandros from Mass Effect, by Laura
Libertatem - Sohma Isuzu from Fruits Basket, by Laura [SR]
Bare Grace - Sasaki Yuko, by Kiel
Easy Breezy - Tachibana Makoto from Free!, by Andrea [DD]
Waterbound - Nanase Haruka from Free!, by Lethe [DD]
Checkmate - Kate Bishop from Hawkeye, by Anise [DD]
Only Human - Clint Barton from Hawkeye, by Anise [DD]
Braveheart - Chrom from Fire Emblem: Awakening, by Crystal [DD]
Wolfhearted - Varian Wrynn & Anduin Wrynn from World of Warcraft, by Laura [DD]
Memoria - Elephants, by Megan
Red Pin, Blue Pin - Monica Geller & Chandler Bing from Friends, by Patricia [DD]
Shining Prince of Nothing - Horrace Finkel from LISA: The Painful RPG, by high seraph
Heroic Tale - Linkle from Hyrule Warriors/The Legend of Zelda, by Crystal

In-Progress Shrines
The following are shrines started for Construction Zone.

Rising Falcon - Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia, by Megan
Farm Story - Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons (Bokujo Monogatari) series, by Megan A
Valiant - Xander from Fire Emblem: Fates, by Camy
Repose Eternal - Kikyou from Inu Yasha, by Laura

Introduction Pages and Basic Info: How? - What do you include and like to read on intro sections of shrines?
Shrine Blurbs - How do you present your shrines at your collectives?
The shrine writing styles game - Curious what others think of your writing, got some nice words for others? Post here!

So many new shrines!! And hopefully many more to come. :music:

We'll see you next month! Browse all those shrines and go sign up for those events!! <O><O> (And consider joining the chat so we can all motivate each other? 8D :heart: )
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Re: August 2016

Post by dubiousdisc »

Thank you for the rewind! Holy shit there's so many new shrines this month omg.
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Re: August 2016

Post by Crystal »

So much productivity this month!
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Re: August 2016

Post by Laura »

Thanks for the recap! I love that there's been so much activity this past month! :D And SO MANY SHRINES OM NOM NOM

I can't believe I got 4 projects out the door in August alone... wow! XD;; I hope I can keep it up!
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Re: August 2016

Post by Robin »

Amazing! We are one productive bunch :D
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