Staffing Application

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Staffing Application

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Amassment is always looking for enthusiastic members who would like to contribute to the community as a staffer, assisting other members to reach their goals, and ensuring Amassment continues to grow and adapt to meet the needs of all of its members.

Staffers perform a wide variety of functions. Some have stepped up to run key areas and are responsible for a lot, and others volunteer where they can, and are mainly counted on for feedback. If you are able and would like to help Amassment, please consider applying to join our team! Applications are open indefinitely, so apply at any time. We will evaluate applications as they come in, and will add members to our staff team based on need.

Our application contains questions covering a number of the main areas of the community. Don't feel pressured to answer every question. Fill out as much as you would like or are able based on your own interests and ability to help out. We use these questions to find the best areas for each staffer to work in, to keep everything fun, easy, and stress-free.

This application is a conversation starter. We may reach out to you via any of the methods you provide to ask further questions, and have a personal conversation with you about staffing. Alternately, you may reach out to anyone on the Admin Team if you have any questions.

Admin Team members will reply to this post from time to time with specific things we may be looking for on the Staff Team. Whether you are interested in those things or not, please apply. We have some general volunteer positions that work for any number of staffers, and we may not advertise our need for those.
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