Staff Changes

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Staff Changes

Post by Sofia »

Hi everybody!

There are a couple of changes at staff level I'd like to share with you all.

Destinie will be leaving the Admin team, but fear not! As we mentioned in a previous announcement, she will still have a place here at Amassment in a new role called Advocate. Here's how she describes it:
An Advocate is a supporter of any member at Amassment and acts as chain between members and staff. Sometimes you may feel lost around the community, especially if you're new, or if you would like someone to express your thoughts or concerns if you do not think it warrants contacting a staff member. The Advocate works to make you feel welcome and comfortable within the community!
After Destinie stepped down, Stefi, who has been our Communications Team lead, has accepted to take her position and will join the Admin team overseeing the Communications area. Here's a glimpse of her plans:
My goals would be to try and organize Amassment across all of our platforms and be able to give members as many opportunities as possible to connect with one another
Also, as you may have seen from Todd's post, I (Sofia :P) have adopted Amassment and will continue to take care of it with the help of our amazing staffers…and members as well! All these changes will be soon reflected on both the domain (staff page) and board/Discord (user name colour).

Thank you all and happy shrining!
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Re: Staff Changes

Post by Destinie »

Thanks for the updates, Sofia! I know you and the rest of the admins are going to do a wonderful job with the community :)
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Re: Staff Changes

Post by dubiousdisc »

Aw, it's great that you'll take on the Advocate role, Destinie! Nobody better than you to do something like that. :D

And welcome aboard, Stefi!
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Re: Staff Changes

Post by Robin »

Great updates! Destinie as Advocate makes beautiful sense, and I know the new admins will keep this place humming along :)
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